Plenaire: The Modern Clean Brand

One of the most exciting brands to be launched exclusively at Glow Getters in the UAE is UK based skincare brand Plenaire, created by Namrata Kamdar. Namrata is an industry expert, with over 16 years of experience in managing and developing personal care and beauty brands with Unilever.
The UK brand who launched its debut collection at Liberty London is set to shake up the industry with a previously untapped philosophy. Its name comes from the French expression “En Plein Air” meaning ‘in open air’. Plenaire is a modern beauty brand encouraging open-mindedness and transparency with products that are made in the UK, 100% Vegan, cruelty free and clean ingredients.
Sustainability is of utmost importance and the brand has worked hard to ensure that all packaging is eco-friendly with fully recyclable mono material tubes and biodegradable cartons which are FSC certified.

Get to know the collection: A pared-back simple, easy-to-use range of five skincare essentials for sensitive skin at any age.



for violet tinted dreams


Inspired by a 70-year-old French beauty recipe, this gentle yet effective topical blemish treatment has azelaic acid to help refine and illuminate congested skin, anti-bacterial zinc oxide to purify your complexion and beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, to help decongest clogged pores of impurities while balancing excess sebum. 


 Our team looked at acne remedies over time to find the perfect set of ingredients that were gentle yet effective, and didn't over dry the skin. When you are going through a breakout the most important thing is to be kind to yourself. To help relieve mental anxiety and to give your skin the time to heal itself and recover. It's this philosophy of the mind-body connection that was built into the blemish paste by the Plenaire team.


the zero-effort makeup remover


With pure distilled rosewater and mild, sugar-based actives, this gentle jelly cleanser emulsifies with water into a wash of rose-tinted milk, easily dissolving all traces of makeup and impurities without any of the harsh scrubbing all in one rinse.


During the process of creating Rose Jelly, the Plenaire team observed that women of all ages were sometimes over stressing, tugging and pulling at their skin to remove makeup. They sought out to create a formulation that is gentle instead of harsh, one that dissolved makeup, making it easy, pleasurable and ensuring that makeup removal was an act of care and kindness to skin.


the thirst-quencher



An intensive hydration mask providing a cocoon of moisture enriched with a blend of raw coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and coveted Japanese tsubaki (camellia oil) combination to create help your skin recover from uncomfortable dryness or extreme temperatures. Infused with anti-inflammatory plant phytosterols and triglycerides, it also helps to soothe and calm the appearance of reddened skin while encouraging moisture retention.


Perfect for Glow Getters in the UAE, given the loss of moisture that our skin is faced with due to the exposure to an extremely hot climate. With repeated use, it improves the skin's texture and elasticity and feels indulgent and cocooning at the same time.


facial in your pj’s


Formulated with mineral-rich French clay to help draw out deep-set impurities and diminish the appearance of your pores, mild cleansers, and the finest particles of natural blackcurrant seeds, making it a superpowered cleansing treatment, all packed into a single recyclable squeezy tube. 


One of the things we noticed when it comes to the beauty and skincare industry is the rise of multi-step regimes but also the real sense of exhaustion that comes with keeping up with these. We were particularly intrigued with the idea of low maintenance, luxurious beauty. The idea that you can have a product that treats, detoxifies, cleanses and exfoliates rather quickly and all in the comfort of your pajamas before breakfast - we think this fits right into our lifestyle. Casual, effortless glam.


waterfall of hydration



A featherweight gel moisturiser packed with mega hydrators including sodium hyaluronate to to achieve lasting hydration leaving supple and soft skin and xylitol (a plant-derived sugar) to enhance your skin’s capacity to retain moisture by preventing moisture loss hydrating and plumping skin from the inside out. Plus mattifying white peony to regulate sebum levels. 


Droplet was created as a lightweight gel formula, as an alternative to heavier creams and textures that weighed skin down and in response to an unmet need. Being a water and glycerin based blend is the key to staying hydrated and balanced with a sensorial of feather light hydration to the skin. Chinese peony extracts absorb excess oil making it perfect for combination and oily skin types. Use alongside Skin Frosting when skin feels dry. Blend with a few drops of your favorite foundation to achieve the perfect dewy Glow Getter look.