The Right Type of Oils for Oily Skin.

Do you have oily skin but you're scared of using oils? Read on to find why incorporating the right type of oils in your skincare routine can be so beneficial.

We often get a lot of reluctant responses from our customers when we recommend a facial oil for their oily skin. Many of them don't realise that the reason why some oily skin types produce more oil content is to compensate the deficiency of water by producing more oils! We touch more about dehydrated oily skin types here. So we tapped skincare specialist Stephanie Ivonne and here is her take on this:

Oils aren’t all bad, they can actually be very beneficial and helpful, and with the proper use, oil levels are balanced and the amount of breakouts that occur will become reduced.

When skin’s natural oils are being stripped (what tends to happen when we apply chemicals that are too harsh and drying) your body goes into overdrive and works extra hard to produce even more oil to make up for the moisture that was lost. So in reality, not only can harsh ingredients damage the amount of moisture your skin produces, it may actually make matters much worse as your skin tries to produce as much moisture as it could to become hydrated again.

Not all oils are created the same especially if you’re one that has oily or acne-prone skin. Some oils can cause a buildup of sebum causing clogged pores, greasy skin and breakouts to occur. There are a handful of oils that I recommend that are great for those with oily skin and can definitely help in their daily skincare routines... 

Argan Oil is great at hydrating the skin and repairing the natural barrier while decreasing the amount of sebum being produced.

Grapeseed Oil wonderfully soothes the skin without the risk of breakouts and clogged pores as it controls sebum production.

Jojoba Oil is an anti-inflammatory that’s molecular structure is the closest to our own, which will control and balance the production of oil being created as it mimics our own.

Rosehip Seed Oil has amazing anti-aging properties as well as keeps skin moisturized without a greasy feel.


Infused with Rosehip and Baobab oil, Prickly pear, Sea Buckthorn and Bog Myrtle.

Pure Rosehip oil.

Infused with Grapeseed, Jojoba and Argan oil.

Infused with Rosehip and Grapeseed oil.

With our skin being made up of 70% water, it’s essential to keep the skin thoroughly hydrated and running properly. Following these steps daily can bring you closer to achieving healthy looking skin without the greasy, excess shine!