Healthy Hair with Davines

One of our New Year resolutions was to take better care of our hair. Given that most of are always styling our hair using heat tools which can really take a toll on our tresses it's time we put in the work to maintain gorgeous, healthy hair.
To do this, we've enlisted the help of Hicham Eid, Hair & Art Director at Davines Arabia for his advice on how to achieve our hair goals: 

-Best practices and products to tame frizzy hair  

"When it comes to taming the frizz, the right choice of products is important as well as the way of use. Here are some practices and products we recommend: the Let It Go Circle Hair Mask from Davines as well as the DEDE Hair mist as a leave in conditioner that tames the frizz throughout the day. To maximize frizz control, shampoo your hair no more than 3 to 4 times per week. If you absolutely must get your hair wet between shampoos, try washing it with just conditioner instead. Use a heat protector when it comes to using hot tools." explains Hicham.

Let it Go- A relaxing and hydrating hair and scalp mask.

Dede Hair Mist- A light-weight anti-frizz conditioning leave-on spray for silky, easy to comb hair.


-General advice to maintain healthy hair.

Eating foods that help maintain healthy hair like: Eggs, Spinach, Nuts, Seeds, Fatty fish.

Hicham also advises to sleep on silk, as it protects the cuticle go your hair by reducing the amount of friction between your hair and the fabric. 

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases- by Artem Luxe are 22 momme, plant-dyed and certified toxin-free

Hicham also suggests: "Get regular trims. Brush your hair more often and most importantly before you shower. While you shower, turn down the temperature because taking a super hot shower on the daily basis can irritate your scalp."

Condition correctly with care by using the right product for your hair type and needs. Make sure your scalp gets hydration as well. Hicham recommends using the Purity Circle from Davines as it "eliminates impurities caused by chlorine but also pollution, dust, heavy metals for a purifying routine."

Purity- A purifying and nourishing hair and scalp mask.


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