Q&A with the Founder of Arcana Skin.

In our ongoing efforts to bring you the absolute best brands whose values align with ours and whose products and ethos we believe in, we make sure to connect with brand founders as much as we can to learn about each brand’s story and unique ideals. We hope you enjoy this journey of brand discovery just as much as we do.
To celebrate the launch of Arcana Skin exclusively in the UAE with Glow Getters,  we reached out to the incredible founder of the brand, Erin Hammond for a little insight into her life and her entrepreneurial journey.

What motivated you to start the brand?

  • I felt that there are too many skincare brands out there that have the same ingredients in different combinations and in different packaging. I wanted to create a line that really focuses on plant ingredients of exceptional quality and the whole experience of using them, rather than just the end result.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in running a startup?

  • This is our second skincare business, so we're in a great position to take some of the lessons that we learned the first time around and do it differently this time. One of the greatest lessons we wanted to incorporate into Arcana is to build long-term, strategic partnerships with retailers and customers. Our retailers help hold our vision and this sometimes means turning business away if the partnership isn't the right fit.

What is your favourite beauty tip?

  • To keep hydrated, get quality sleep and exercise, and avoid stress. I think of those things as my foundation. If the foundation is strong, then your skincare or beauty routine will be much more effective.

If you could pick only one product from your range, which one is your favorite and why?

  • I think our Sulis face mist would probably be my desert island pick. The minerals feel so nourishing, and the scent calms me down every time I use it. I always find that mists are so refreshing and fun to use.