Summer Hair Rituals with the Founder of Sans[ceuticals]

Summer is officially here and to celebrate the dawn of the hottest months of the year, we tapped Lucy Vincent, the incredible founder of Sans [ceuticals] to share her top tips to care for our tresses in the scorching heat.

Lucy's Summer hair ritual specifically targets dehydration by utilising key ingredients to protect from and repair UV damage.

Lucy's fool proof recipe for maintaining healthy, nourished hair during the heat?


Summer means UV exposure, salt water, chlorine, and late nights. All this can weaken the hair’s structure. This season calls for extra fortification via proteins, nourishing plant lipids and vitamins. 


[01] BOOST

Apply a cherry-sized dollop of Sans [ceuticals] Hair Wash to wet hair, massage then rinse. Your hair may require more nourishment during this season – time to rediscover your personal prescription.


Squeeze excess moisture from the hair and spray in Sans [ceuticals] Moisture + Protein Infusion 20. Loaded with molecular proteins, moisture and ceramides to fortify and maintain luscious healthy hair —be sure to work in with fingers to increase product penetration. Leave for 2-3 minutes, DO NOT RINSE, follow with the next step...

[03] FEED

Apply Sans [ceuticals] Hair Hydratant over the top of Sans [ceuticals] Moisture + Protein Infusion 20, again working through mid-lengths and ends to increase penetration. All Hydratants contain high concentrations of proteins and lipids to feed, nourish and repair. For more intense hydration leave in for longer, then rinse.

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