Ramadan Kit In Azraq (Prayer Gown Only)

Ramadan Kit In Azraq (Prayer Gown Only)

Dhs. 150.00

 This item is currently produced on demand. It takes ten days to two weeks to complete production.

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  • GG’s Notes

    Celebrate the month of giving with our Ramadan kit. Includes a bespoke embroidered prayer mat with a custom hand-drawn flowers pattern and shaila in our limited edition Ramadan stars packaging. Makes for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones!

  • Gifting

    An automatic discount of 15AED/per kit will be applied at checkout if you purchase 3 kits or more.

  • Product Features

    Embroidered velvet prayer mat:

    A custom hand-drawn flowers pattern with foam padding for comfort. Made in the UAE.


    Prayer shaila:

    A prayer gown with an attached headscarf that features a lightweight breezy cotton material, zipper, fluttery sleeves and pleating along neckline and back.