Clean Beauty 101 - Why You Should Make the Switch.

 First things first, you might be confused if clean means natural and natural means organic. Frankly, each of these terms are very different than each other. Allow us to break it down for you in the simplest terms ever:

Natural: the ingredients are derived from plants and animal by-products and are minimally processed. It’s worth noting that ‘Natural’ claims aren’t governed by any regulating authorities and so anyone can slap on that claim on their products containing a few natural ingredients with the addition of synthetic chemicals and get away with it. The best thing you can do is to read the ingredients list and do your research.

Organic: a level up from ‘Natural’ this is related to how ingredients were farmed. The ingredients are non-GMO and have been grown, raised, manufactured and preserved without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. ‘Organic’ claims are more regulated than natural so 70-90% of the ingredients in the product have to be organic in order to fulfill the claim. However, it’s important to recognize that ‘Certified Organic’ products follow stricter regulations and 95-99% of ingredients used must be organic.

Clean: This is a term that isn’t yet properly defined and everyone has their own interpretation of it. For us, it’s Ethics & Integrity. From ingredient sourcing, to manufacturing to packaging, these products contain safer ingredients, with an emphasis on nature and are ethically sourced and manufactured. We believe that this is a movement that goes beyond skincare and beauty and encourages transparency and social responsibility in all aspects of life. Remember, not all ‘chemicals’ are bad (Hello, H2O) and not all synthetics are bad. Clean means choosing the safest route possible.

-Why make the switch? Here at Glowgetters we believe that if some chemicals are known to be harmful to our bodies, they simply shouldn’t be in our products. Our products are used on our bodies and anything applied to the skin can be absorbed into our bodies. Prolonged use of harmful toxins in our daily routines may lead to serious long-term health risks. The ingredients and packaging of clean products are also mindfully curated with environmental sustainability in mind. What a different world it would be if people started caring about the impact their purchasing decisions have on themselves and the environment in the long run.

-What can you do? You've already made the first step towards making better decisions by reading this article and simply being aware of potential health risks caused by harmful toxins. You can start by researching and educating yourself about how some fragrances, synthetics and preservatives can irritate the skin and then proceed to make more informed buying decisions by just carefully reading the ingredients label on products and deciding which ingredients you want to avoid.

The clean industry is growing by the minute, but it needs more people to be aware of it and acknowledge its benefits not only for ourselves but for environmental sustainability as well. If a cleaner, eco-friendlier alternative works just as good as its toxic counterpart then why not make the switch and be a part of the new clean community who demand safer ingredients and effective results. Less irritants, less side effects, less industrial waste and a better conscience. We’re sold aren’t you?