Tips and Tricks to Combat Maskne

Dealing with Maskne? You're not alone! We've been seeing this term used so often because of how common Masks + Acne are these days. Here are our tips and tricks to save the day!

First of all, let's get into the root of the issue. Since we're wearing masks all the time, when we breathe or talk masks trap in a lot of hot air creating a warm, humid environment for bacteria to grow. Not only that but friction from masks can also trigger irritation and rosacea flare ups.

Now, here's what we suggest to help combat Maskne:


NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser

(image source: Instagram, @Nikki.cruz)

A good foaming cleanser will help keep your skin calm and clean. Massage into the skin for 30-60 seconds to ensure you get the full benefit of the gently exfoliating fruit enzymes.


Plenaire Violet Paste Blemish Solution

A targeted spot treatment; gentle, yet fast and effective. Our trusty go-to for treating pimples. Azelaic acid helps refine congested skin, Salicylic acid unclogs pores and balances excess sebum while Zinc Oxide calms skin while keeping bacteria at bay.


Biologi Bd Serum

Ditch the heavy layer of lotions and opt for a light serum that works double-time. The Bd Luminosity serum by Biologi is organic and water-soluble, containing 100% active ingredients for effective results. Gallic and tartaric acid work together to reduce inflammation and congestion, as well as clearing out blocked pores to reduce the impact of acne.


Silk Face Mask by Artem Luxe

Silk face masks are kinder and less abrasive on your skin. These beauties by Artem Luxe use certified toxin-free 100% mulberry silk as well as three layers for defense against bacteria. They also come with a filter pocket with melt blown cotton microfilament filtration.

How you take care of your mask is also vital, instead of placing them on top of the table at restaurants and cafes, you could store them in a pouch instead to avoid contamination. The Artem Luxe silk face masks come with a handy travel pouch for easy storage in your handbag. Lastly, make sure to wash your reusable masks with a delicate detergent after each use.